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ZIBO NAAO--Glass ball: sodalime glass

Zibo Naao Trading Co., Ltd.Date:2018-07-09 14:07:35 Read:

ZIBO NAAO--Glass ball: sodalime glass 

Precision Glass Ball have:

• High corrosion resistance
• Light weight (1/3 of stainless steel)
• Low coefficient of friction
• High dimensional stability
• Tight tolerances
• Non-magnetic
• Zero porosity

• Stable material cost

Sodalime Glass Ball


Sodalime precision glass balls will not stand thermal shock;
can mechanically give continual service at 230°F.; stands limited static
and torque load; good electric and corrosion resistant properties.

2.4 gm/cm continuous operating temp. 230°F

Continuous Operating Temperature

Surface Finish
Ground - 20-30 RMS
Polished - 10-20 RMS

1/16 through 1" in ground, polish, or matte grades.